[vdr] ConsistentMenu menu-button handeling in Plugins and built-in menus

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Mon Oct 17 12:41:17 CEST 2005

Am Montag, 17. Oktober 2005 08:55 schrieb christian jacobsen:
> Hallo,
> I find it quit uncomfortable that the Menu-button not allways does the
> same thing.
> It is very nice that one can use the Menu-button to close the OSD-menu.
> But this only works in the Built-in VDR menu's - in all Plugins (that I
> use) the plugin menu is closed and then the VDR main menu is opened.
> I would expect the same to happen in both cases.
> Only a minor thing but it would be nice if it was consistent :)
I fully agree. this was also always annoying me.

you could give the attached patch (mainly from Klaus Heppenheimer) a try, but 
i do not know if its the hole thing as we are also using some additional 
You will have to adjust the patch by yourself to a standard vdr as it also 
does a few more things you may not want. e.g. the OK button in our 
"distribution" ist mapped to the channellist and we added a few more keys 
(e.g. kHelp which maps to channelinfo). But should not be to much work.
Maybe i will adopt it to the vanilla vdr if i will have time and make a 
"official" release but can't promise.

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