[vdr] ConsistentMenu menu-button handeling in Plugins andbuilt-in menus

christian jacobsen Christian.Jacobsen at stage-entertainment.de
Mon Oct 17 14:13:19 CEST 2005

Hallo thiemo, 

> > I find it quit uncomfortable that the Menu-button not 
> allways does the
> > same thing.
> > It is very nice that one can use the Menu-button to close 
> the OSD-menu.
> > But this only works in the Built-in VDR menu's - in all 
> Plugins (that I
> > use) the plugin menu is closed and then the VDR main menu is opened.
> >
> > I would expect the same to happen in both cases.
> >
> I fully agree. this was also always annoying me.
> you could give the attached patch (mainly from Klaus 
> Heppenheimer) a try, but 
> i do not know if its the hole thing as we are also using some 
> additional 
> patches.
> You will have to adjust the patch by yourself to a standard 
> vdr as it also 
> does a few more things you may not want. e.g. the OK button in our 
> "distribution" ist mapped to the channellist and we added a 
> few more keys 
> (e.g. kHelp which maps to channelinfo). But should not be to 
> much work.
> Maybe i will adopt it to the vanilla vdr if i will have time 
> and make a 
> "official" release but can't promise.

Nice to see that others think the same :)

Unfortunatly I am no Programmer, so I am not really sure what to change.
I really would not like "OK" to be mapped to something else. But maybe
Klaus is able to "fix" this in the next release or you will finde some
time ... would be nice :)

Christian Jacobsen

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