[vdr] Testing Enigma 4pre2

C.Y.M syphir at syphir.sytes.net
Mon Oct 17 23:20:41 CEST 2005

Andreas Brugger wrote:
> Hi List!
> First off: Sorry that I dind't announced the testing activities with
> Enigma here, but I thought there were only a few fixes and things to
> implement. But I was wrong and there was great feedback and good ideas,
> so the development of v0.4 takes more time than expected.
> I will of course announce the final release of the skin, but you are
> also all welcome to make any suggestion ... ;-) It is no problem to
> write your statement in English on the vdr-portal-Thread. It woul really
> be easier fo me if this all takes place at one forum/ml ... but I will
> also look into the ml from time to time if you prefer this list.
> C.Y.M schrieb:
>> When I load the latest Enigma-v0.4-pre2, I get the following error in
>> my syslog:
>> Oct 16 23:40:00 sid vdr[5851]: ERROR: Bad character data
>> Oct 16 23:40:00 sid vdr[5851]: ERROR: Bad character data
>> This error seems to come from parser.c in text2skin/xml.  I tried
>> testing the
>> skin with T2S_EXT="true" and T2S_EXT="false" but it did not seem to
>> make any
>> difference.  If I just comment out the ERROR in parser.c, then
>> everything seems
>> to work without problems.  Although, I dont like to mask problems. 
>> Does anyone
>> have a better idea what would be causing that error message?
> Maybe Sascha can say something about it, but I will also have a look at
> it.  Someone at the VDR-Portal also pointed out this Bug.

Thanks, sorry for reporting twice.  I noticed someone did mention the same
problem on vdrportal as well.  My online translators dont seem to work very well
sometimes. :) At first I thought it was a missing case in this code block:


        if (end - start + 1 > 0) {
                //Dprintf("context: %s\n", context[context.size() - 1].c_str());
                if      (context[context.size() - 1] == "text"
                      || context[context.size() - 1] == "marquee"
                      || context[context.size() - 1] == "blink"
                      || context[context.size() - 1] == "scrolltext") {
                        if (!object->mText.Parse(text.substr(start, end - start
+ 1)))
                                return false;
                } else
                        esyslog("ERROR: Bad character data");
        return true;


>> BTW, I didnt think it was possible, but this skin just keeps getting
>> better and
>> better each time I look at it.  Great Job so far!
> Thank you very much. :-)

Not to change the subject about the issue above, but would it also be possible
to add the left/right scrolling back to the new menu display items (ie; current
recordings and next timer)?

And thanks again, Andreas.

Best Regards,

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