[vdr] image-plugin with dxr3

Oleg oleg at roitburd.de
Tue Oct 18 08:33:25 CEST 2005

On Tuesday 18 October 2005 08:19, Eric GRAMMATICO wrote:
> vdr is vdr-1.3.27
> image-plugin is image-0.2.3
> dxr3-plugin is dxr3-0.2.4

What is a Linux distribution? What is a version of ffmpeg?
I have experience that image works fine with ffmpeg 0.4.8, but with 0.4.9 and 
ffmpeg-cvs is same blackscreen.
I have resolve this problem,as I have compiled plugins with FFMPEG_STATIC with 
0.4.8, and other plugins ( softdevice) dynamic with ffmpeg-cvs

Best regards

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