[vdr] softdevice g450 tvout, high cpu utilization?

Norbert Goebel egalus at gmx.de
Wed Oct 19 14:22:00 CEST 2005

Vladimir Shved wrote:

>Is there anyway to lower cpu usage on G450 w/ vdr/softdevice? 
No idea, I use graphtft in fb-mode (which also consumes high amounts of 
cpu (up to 90% when playing movies as it updates the screen every second).

>At the moment
>it uses about 27%+ cpu constantly on my system, is it normal? I've tried ATI
>7000 LE, w/ gatos/XORG/xv and it was using only 17% but picture and OSD is
>much worse than G450s.
>Just some indirectly related questions.
>Is hardware acceleration supported on g450 TV-out at all with this setup?
As far as I undestood the various readmes there is no hardware 
acceleration on 2nd port (which is the tv.out port).

>Is g400 would work better than g450?
>Are there any start up parameters can be passed to kernel so second
>head(tvout) would run in NTSC mode?
You can use matroxset to change this setting (and also some more ;) ).
Useful links for g450 tv-out:



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