[vdr] encrypted channels - dumb question

Lars Bläser lars.blaeser at lycosxxl.de
Fri Oct 21 07:51:36 CEST 2005

Nicolas Huillard wrote:
> Damien Bally a écrit :
> The theory behind that is roughly :
> * the stream contains information about key management algo
> * it also contains random bytes (like a public key)
> * the CAM must use one of it's internal key management algo, along with
> those bytes, to select the appropriate private key inside the smartcard
> * it then transmits the key to the descrambling chip, that does the
> actual descrambling
> * the whole process is repeated at each channel change, and also from
> time to time, I think

the softcam has a bitter taste because the first years(s) it was only
possible to do illeagal decoding (without a smart card), the option to
use it with a valid samrt card is a more recent development and even
that is a problem because the providers of the decryption mechanism wont
be happy about this (irdeto, seca, ...) and may fight for the right to
use there mechanisms exclusivly  or licenced in CA-Modules

> I hope I didn't upset anyone with that...

the problem is the local law, in germany something like this (maybe)
could be seen as a description how to brake the protection and will be
illeagal - afaik nobody was yet prosecuted in germany for something like
this (just for telling how it works) - but no one wants to be the first
... (->FUD)

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