[vdr] Testing Enigma 4pre2

C.Y.M syphir at syphir.sytes.net
Fri Oct 21 21:22:15 CEST 2005

>> IMHO, I think that if any text on the screen is cut off, it is better
>> to allow
>> scrolling.  Text that is cut off just does not appear aesthetic to
>> me.  Does
>> scrolling increase CPU usage very much?
> Maybe I will try it and see if it looks good to me. But if I don't
> include it, it isn't really hard for the user to change this few lines.
> I don't think that there is a to big drawback if it would scroll ... I
> think the skin wouldn't be very much slower. But there is still some
> potential in the patch I added, because now the timerstatus is checked
> every time you hit a key in the main menu, so it slows down scrolling. I
> will fix that for the next realease.
> Talking of scrolling text: What would you think of scrolling text (in
> general not only in this case), if it would only scroll in one
> direction? I think there is no big benefit in scrolling back, as most of
> us only read in one direction. ;-) On the other side it would be a
> little more disturbing, as the text would jump back to the beginning ...

I do like the idea you suggest about "scrolltext" instead of using "marquee".
One directional might be better on the eyes.  What ever method you do decide on,
it would be very helpful to just place strategic comments into the template so a
person that wants to modify the code can easily find the code blocks.  Or, if we
want to get really crazy, we could fix the template to use a variable which can
be configured by UpdateEnigma.sh.  We could have a different variable for
different areas of the skin (ie; Menu, Channel Info, Timers, etc..)


# defines preferred display method in skin ("text" or "scrolltext" or "marquee")


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