[vdr] Testing Enigma 4pre2

Andreas Brugger brougs78 at gmx.net
Sat Oct 22 12:24:39 CEST 2005

C.Y.M schrieb:

>>>Here are some more changes required for the substitution method.
>>Here is a tested and working patch for UpdateEnigma.sh.  This patch in
>>conjunction with the previous attachment (enigma-4pre2-display.diff) seems to
>>work fine.  The final stage of this patch is now to decide what areas of the
>>skin are going to be substituted and made configurable.
>Hmm, I sure did that the hard way. :)  Here is a better, more simplified patch
>for UpdateEnigma.sh.
>diff -ruN Enigma.orig/scripts/UpdateEnigma.sh Enigma/scripts/UpdateEnigma.sh
>--- Enigma.orig/scripts/UpdateEnigma.sh	2005-10-21 15:55:16.000000000 -0700
>+++ Enigma/scripts/UpdateEnigma.sh	2005-10-21 15:57:16.000000000 -0700
>@@ -7,7 +7,9 @@
> T2S_EXT="false"
> # defines if the switchonly-patch by LightYear is installed ("true" or "false")
> SW_ONLY="false"
>+# defines preferred display method in skin ("text" or "scrolltext" or "marquee")
> # don't edit beyond here
> SKIN_TEMPLATE="$SKINPATH/Enigma.skin.template"
>@@ -71,6 +73,8 @@
> | sed -e "s/%BLUE_R%/"$b_r"/" \
> | sed -e "s/%BLUE_R_T%/"`expr $b_r + 0`"/" \
> | sed -e "s/%BLUE_R_M1%/"`expr $b_r - 1`"/" \
>+| sed -e "s/%MENU_DISPLAY%/"$MENU_DISPLAY"/g" \
>+| sed -e "s/%CHAN_DISPLAY%/"$CHAN_DISPLAY"/g" \
> # we have to avoid ',' in m4 so we replace it with ';'
I also thought about a configurable scrolling-mode. But I would rather 
make it dependend on the menu-element, which is much easier to implement:

MAIN_MENU_ITEM="text"     # main menu entries
SUB_MENU_ITEM="marquee"   # entries in the sub-menu (timer and so on)
SIDEBAR_ITEM="marquee"    # Info in the main-menu (next timer, current 
recording and so on)

maybe also:

REPLAY_BAR="marquee"      # title of the replay

Does it really make sense to use both, a marquee (btw, scrolltext token 
is already used for text wich goes over more lines) which scrolls in one 
direction and a marquee that scrolls in both directions? I would think 
this is a user-opinion which is best and the user would always use 
either of those. So it would be best to make this configurable in 
text2skin. Therefore the upper lines in UpdateEnigma.sh could also look 
like this:

SCROLL_MAIN_MENU_ITEM="false"     # true or false

What do you think about that?

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