[vdr] Testing Enigma 4pre2

C.Y.M syphir at syphir.sytes.net
Sat Oct 22 13:06:15 CEST 2005

> I also thought about a configurable scrolling-mode. But I would rather
> make it dependend on the menu-element, which is much easier to implement:
> MAIN_MENU_ITEM="text"     # main menu entries
> SUB_MENU_ITEM="marquee"   # entries in the sub-menu (timer and so on)
> SIDEBAR_ITEM="marquee"    # Info in the main-menu (next timer, current
> recording and so on)
> maybe also:
> REPLAY_BAR="marquee"      # title of the replay

Making the scrolling configurable with UpdateEnigma.sh is the best overall
solution.  I like how you have divided it up by menu elements.

> Does it really make sense to use both, a marquee (btw, scrolltext token
> is already used for text wich goes over more lines) which scrolls in one
> direction and a marquee that scrolls in both directions? I would think
> this is a user-opinion which is best and the user would always use
> either of those. So it would be best to make this configurable in
> text2skin. Therefore the upper lines in UpdateEnigma.sh could also look

I doubt anyone will want to mix marquee with one-directional scrolling.  Making
this a configure option in text2skin should be fine.

> like this:
> SCROLL_MAIN_MENU_ITEM="false"     # true or false

Is the space after "SCROLL_ " on purpose?

> What do you think about that?

Its great. Thanks!

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