[vdr] CAM-Start: Delay?

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at cadsoft.de
Sat Oct 22 18:01:57 CEST 2005

Wolfgang Goeller wrote:
> Hello
> When I restart vdr due to a failure in the descrambling
> sometimes vdr does initialize the CAM too late.
> During the initalizing vdr starts recording but the
> CAM is not ready. Channel not available....
> Would it be possible to give a longer delay before vdr
> starts recording from a encrypted channel? Would be nice
> allthough there are other workarounds.

Which version of VDR are you using?

2005-08-21: Version 1.3.30

- Now waiting at startup until all DVB devices are ready. This includes having
   all CAMs initialized and ready to decrypt, so that no more "channel not
   available" happens if VDR is started with the current channel being an encrypted
   one, or a timer on such a channel hits right after starting VDR.


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