[vdr] no sound with nova-t and dxr3

Andre Bischof a.bischof at gmx.net
Sat Oct 22 18:21:03 CEST 2005

Hi Ville,

Ville Skyttä wrote:
> On Sat, 2005-10-22 at 16:11 +0200, Andre Bischof wrote:
>>Oct 22 15:27:48 linux vdr[6915]: dxr3: ffmpeg: codec 0x15000 not found - 
>>not supported by FFmpeg?
>>I have installed
>>ii  ffmpeg                    20051016-0.1
>>which looks quite new for me.
>>The dxr3-plugins' Makefile expects ffmpeg files here:
>>-rw-r--r--  1 root staff 73042 Oct 16 13:51 
>>so for me they seem to match.
> To me that looks like a mismatch :)
> Not knowing much at all about Debian, I would assume that if you
> installed a packaged version of ffmpeg, it'd install into /usr,
> not /usr/local.

Well, I look after that, I think I have different versions at different 
locations, maybe because of trying more then one version, see below ...

> Try installing the devel package for your ffmpeg (ffmpeg-dev?) and see
> if it installs the headers into /usr/include/ffmpeg
> (not /usr/local/include/ffmpeg), point the dxr3 Makefile at those
> headers and try rebuilding.  Possibly also remove the other set of
> ffmpeg headers (and maybe libs too) from /usr/local before trying that.

Hm, recompilation would be no problem, but I'm not sure about 
ffmpeg-dev, as I can't find such a package. Do you know a filename of 
such a header file, to make my search easier? If it's about 
libavcodec/utils, then it could be one the following packages I 
installed in different steps, I would suggest libavcodeccvs-dev, which 
would mach the version of ffmpeg (see above) best - what do you think?

root at linux:~# dpkg -l libav*
||/ Name                      Version                   Description
ii  libavc1394-0              0.5.1-1                   control IEEE 
1394 audio/video devices
un  libavcodec-dev            <none>                    (no description 
ii  libavcodec1               0.4.8-0.5                 Library to 
encode decode multimedia streams - runtime files
un  libavcodec1-dev           <none>                    (no description 
ii  libavcodec2               0.4.9-pre1-0.4            Library to 
encode decode multimedia streams - runtime files
pn  libavcodec2-dev           <none>                    (no description 
ii  libavcodeccvs             20051016-0.1              library to 
encode decode multimedia streams - runtime files
ii  libavcodeccvs-dev         20051016-0.1              library to 
encode decode multimedia streams - devel files
ii  libavutilcvs-dev          20051016-0.1              avutil devel files
ii  libavutilcvs0             20051016-0.1              avutil shared 
root at linux:~#

> There have been numerous reports about no sound with the dxr3 plugin,
> all of which (IIRC) have eventually been tracked down to ffmpeg
> libraries/headers mismatches.

Well, I'm glad to here that, because solution would be in reach then! :-)

If you need more information about packages installed please ask - as 
soon as I know what to install, I would first remove ffmpeg and 
libavcodec/utils (if these are the necessary packages), then reinstall 
and then recompile the dxr3-plugin with the appropriate Makefile.


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