[vdr] no sound with nova-t and dxr3

Andre Bischof a.bischof at gmx.net
Sun Oct 23 01:31:21 CEST 2005

Ville Skyttä wrote:
> Ok, that's 3 different libavcodecs (0.0.0, 0.4.8, 0.4.9-pre1).  I have
> only one:

and additionally I had two different versions of ffmpeg, one from a 
former try to get things working.

> Yes.  You need to make sure that the following holds true:
> 1) Build the dxr3 plugin using avcodec.h and libavcodec.so from the same
>    ffmpeg/libavcodec version.
> 2) Run the dxr3 plugin using the exact same libavcodec.so that you 
>    built it against in 1).
> But you seem to have a mixture of packaged and unpackaged libavcodec
> libraries and headers around, which will probably make things painful...
> I don't know how to give more precise instructions than the above, hope
> it helps.  I've personally witnessed that the "no sound" problem may
> appear if either 1) or 2) above is not done that way.

You are so right! Now I did the following:

Removal of all ffmpeg-versions (see above) and libavcodec/util/-dev, 
which included searching for them manually to be really sure 
everything's clean.

Afterwards I reinstalled to result in:

root at linux:/# dpkg -l libav* |grep ii
ii  libavc1394-0      0.5.1-1        control IEEE 1394 audio/video devices
ii  libavcodeccvs     20051016-0.1   library to encode decode multimedia 
ii  libavcodeccvs-dev 20051016-0.1   library to encode decode multimedia 
ii  libavutilcvs-dev  20051016-0.1   avutil devel files
ii  libavutilcvs0     20051016-0.1   avutil shared libraries
root at linux:/# dpkg -l ffmpeg* |grep ii
ii  ffmpeg         20051016-0.1   audio/video encoder, streaming server 
& audio/video file converter
root at linux:/#

Nothing more, nothing less. Debian installs ffmpeg to 
/usr/include/ffmpeg, thus I changed dxr3-plugins' Makefile variable 
FFMDIR to mach this.

make clean, make plugins in vdr-1.3.31/ compiled the dxr3-plugin new, 
and now everything works fine, thanks so much!!!

I spend ages working on that problem, that did it!

Ok, one tiny problem is still left - sound and video have a little 
delay, they are not fully synchronous.

Sound is a little ahead, I would say about half a second - not really 
s.th. to worry about, but enough to be annoyed :-)

Is there some known solution to this too?

Again - thanks so much for helping!
Glad regards,

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