[vdr] CAM-Start: Delay?

Wolfgang Goeller wgoeller at heraklit.ch
Sun Oct 23 23:23:50 CEST 2005

Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
> Wolfgang Goeller wrote:

>> ... Would it be possible to give a longer delay before vdr
>> starts recording from a encrypted channel? Would be nice
>> allthough there are other workarounds.
> Which version of VDR are you using?

My fault - partly. I downgraded to 1.3.29 because with the
later versions I with VIACCESS-encyrpted channels errors
cVideoRepacker: skipped 720 bytes while syncing on next picture
(someone reported the same with Premiere)

After your replay I gave 1.3.34 another try - but I did increase
in transfer.c the TRANSFERBUFSIZE to 4 MB.

That solved both problems. No more cVideoRepacker - Errors
and the benefit of better initializing the CAM.
Might be others who have the cVideoRepacker - error might
give this modification a try to see whether it's just luck
or really helps

Thanks & regards

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