[vdr] HDD spin down and VDR

Rainer Zocholl UseNet-Posting-Nospam-74308- at zocki.toppoint.de
Sun Oct 23 23:39:00 CEST 2005

idefix at fechner.net(Matthias Fechner)  17.10.05 14:41


>i will enable the power saving of my harddisk.

What CPU+VGA do you use?
Have you meassured the power consumption?

>I have a VDR system with 2xFF card and 4 Harddisks.

>Now i'm not sure, if this is a good idea and hwoto do it.

>I have enable this powersaving, has it any disadvantage to the
>livetime of the harddisk?

No. Not if you don't spin down it every 2sec for 1sec 365*24h

>Should i enable the powersaving or better the spin down in the BIOS or
>can i do it on my linux system?

Using the BIOS has the disadvantage that you need a VGA to
change the values...

Have a look at the "noflushd" package.
It will spindown all /dev/hd you like to spin down.

But it does (currently?) not work with SCSI/USB disks curently.
So you need "sdparm" to spinn down those drives too.

But to really save power, power off the entire box
and repower it with acip wakeup or nvram wakeup tools.

>What is the behaviour of VDR if a recording is starting and the HDD is
>not running? Will VDR send a startsignal to the harddisk early enough?

AFAIK VDR can do only "shutdown" but not pindown un nneded disk.
I assume that would be too much work.
If the Vido disk is idle for 5 minutes spin it down.

Or replace the 4 small disks with one big!
If one disk requires 10W and run 7*24h it will generate costs
about (currently) 10..15 Euro (in Germany).
3 disks 45 oy
200GB Disk 90 oy:
in less than 2 years the disk was paid by your energy company...


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