[vdr] vdr video data stream broken

Gregory Dudek dudek at cim.mcgill.ca
Mon Oct 24 06:34:43 CEST 2005

A couple of times I have seen the vdr message
    ERROR: video data stream broken
which (a) leads to a vdr exit, and (b) keeps happening every
time I re-launch vdr.  As far as I can tell, this occurs if a  
recording gets
scheduled on a channel that is (subsequently) deleted or otherwise  
(e.g blocked with the very nice 'taste' plugin).

This can be a real pain to figure out!  My solution is to (quickly)  
visit the
timers submenu and cancel the offending recording before the next  
exit (which
takes 30 seconds to occur).  I thought I should mention this in case  
somebody else
gets stuck, or in case somebody has a proper fix.

The relevant code is on line 118 or recorder.c in vdr version 1.3.34.
I have tried to patch it by replacing the call to  
but the error is erratic enough that I can't be sure this is a fix.

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