[vdr] Re: burn-plugin: UTF converting

Lucian Muresan lucianm at users.sourceforge.net
Mon Oct 24 11:45:36 CEST 2005


Oleg wrote:
> Hi,
> I wondered about converting to UTF8 ( EscapeLatin1toUTF8() ). What's about 
> another codepages?

I tried your patch as I'd need it for ISO_8859-2.

> Here is patch that must working for all cases....

What VDR version are you using? It doesmn't work for several 1.3.x
versions because of the following:

> +char *Convert2UTF(const char *Text) 
> +{
> +   const char *f = I18nCharSet(Setup.OSDLanguage);
this has changed at some version to

const char *f = I18nCharSets()[Setup.OSDLanguage];

But neveretheless, even if it now compiles with the latest VDR, the
plugin crashes when it starts rendering the text into the DVD menu
images. At least on my not-yet-UTF-8 ready system Is this a requirement,
to get my system UTF-8 compliant? Does VDR also need its own UTF-8 patch
(Alexander Riedel posted the last version 0.0.3b with Freetype2 for
vdr-1.3.27 on 2005.07.23, maybe I should also try to make this one work
with current VDR)? So, Oleg, how did you make it work?


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