[vdr] EPG data...

Richard Lithvall richard at lithvall.se
Mon Oct 24 14:10:59 CEST 2005

I know this issue has been discussed before but I still have some questions.

I receive some channels from more than one source and one of those 
sources carry a couple of days of EPG but suffers from low signal 
quality so I'd rather not use that source when recording/viewing.
So I was thinking of exporting the EPG from that source and import it to 
my other sources EPG-data but found out that the <event id> and <table 
id> differs between these sources.

What sets the <event id> and <table id> and are those values calculable?
If these values are not calculable I'd like to know if there is an 
counter part to <table id>=0, that is - always overwrite this event if 
conflicting data comes from the DVB stream (conflicting as in 
overlapping start time and duration).


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