[vdr] Status plugin interface bug?

Bernd Juraschek vdr at bjusystems.de
Tue Oct 25 11:09:25 CEST 2005


recently I got the evil VDSB error (with kernel 2.4.X :-(). After self
restarting VDR continued the recording - but this fails with the "no
tuner lock" error.

cStatus::Recording() was not called in this case. But the function was
called to signal the end of this (never really startet)  timer. Therefore
there is a imbalance between start and stop status notifications - which
may lead to some plugin misbehavior :-(

I'was not able to find quickly the way cTimer::Stop() was executed so I
have no solution yet ...

Es gibt 10 verschiedene Arten von Menschen: Die einen verstehen
das Binärsystem und die anderen verstehen es nicht.

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