[vdr] Status plugin interface bug?

Frank dac440 at gmx.net
Wed Oct 26 00:42:05 CEST 2005

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From: "Bernd Juraschek" <vdr at bjusystems.de>
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Sent: Tuesday, October 25, 2005 11:09 AM
Subject: [vdr] Status plugin interface bug?

>recently I got the evil VDSB error (with kernel 2.4.X :-(). After self
>restarting VDR continued the recording - but this fails with the "no
>tuner lock" error.
>cStatus::Recording() was not called in this case. But the function was
>called to signal the end of this (never really startet)  timer. Therefore
>there is a imbalance between start and stop status notifications - which
>may lead to some plugin misbehavior :-(

A few days ago i have another problem with the same effect.
I want see EbS on Eutelsat received with dvb0, primary device was
dvb1. No problem with dvb0 im "livemode", but in "transfermode" vdr
can't set the 32 AudioPids (30 AudioPids in Transfermode are ok, but in a
recording are only 27 show). I have start a recording, but nothing is
recording. I must say that i use also the numbers of recordings in a plugin
over status beginning with 0, when a recording starts, i increase the
number and vice versa, and i have seen -1. Not so good, but it is the same
you reported.

>I'was not able to find quickly the way cTimer::Stop() was executed so I
>have no solution yet ...


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