[vdr] DVB-S2 and current cards

Alain Vaslet alain at vaslet.de
Wed Oct 26 11:49:27 CEST 2005


>just reading heise newsticker, I wonder whether DVB-S2 is something that 
>really needs new hardware to be received. In the end, you get a data 
>stream from the satellite and my understanding was, what makes the 
>standard DVB-S is basically the specification of the data.
>Can someonw shed some light on this for me?
we discussed this in the forums on vdr-portal.de (especially myself and 
I ;-) ).

There is NO WAY to receive DVB-S2 with DVB-S equipment. DVB-S2 uses a 
completely different modulation (8PSK in most configurations) and error 
correction. See dvb.org for the specifications.

There is a compatibility mode of DVB-S2 achieved by Hierarchical 
Modulation, but this won't be used for the new HD-channels since it 
raises the complexity and costs of transmission.



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