[vdr] VDSB error when recording with FF with CAM

Heikki Manninen hma at iki.fi
Thu Oct 27 14:08:21 CEST 2005

On to, 2005-10-27 at 13:17 +0200, Daniel Asplund wrote:

> On 10/27/05, Heikki Manninen <hma at iki.fi> wrote:

> > It's done automatically by VDR if the CA field in channels.conf has e.g.
> > "B00" (=Conax) for the channel in question.
> >
> Thanks!
> I checked in my channels.conf file and the CA field was still on 1 and
> not B00. Changed that and now I'm not allowed to change channel.

Yes. That binds the channel to DVB device #1. This is one of the
problems with the current VDR channels.conf. You're not able to bind an
entry in channels.conf to a specific DVB device (and thus to a specific
CAM) without VDR losing the information about the fact that it is a
crypted service. Doing so causes VDR to think that you can record
multiple streams with that device even when it is busy
recording/decrypting an encrypted service.

It becomes a problem when you have to CAMs of the same type (Conax for
example) and would like to have a different set of subscriptions on
them. I, for example, have to pay all my subscriptions twice per month
to have two key cards with similar set of services.

> Anyone know if this feature to record two channels on same transponder
> will be implemented soon or is it technical impossible with the Conax
> CAM?

There was a patch long time ago but it wasn't very reliable. I tried it
a couple of times and my Conax CAM 4.00e seemed to be able to record
some three or four channels at the same time.

Heikki M

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