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Kartsa kari at kniivila.com
Fri Oct 28 08:30:47 CEST 2005

Enrico Scholz [enrico.scholz at informatik.tu-chemnitz.de] wrote:
> >> I don't know why, but I hope using sc in your homeland is illegal
> >> too.  With this post you might learn that some lawyers might be
> >> interested in you from now on and you could write a nice 
> story about
> >> your trial in this newsgroup ;)
> >>
> >> So please keep this newsgroup clean and legal, thx.
> >>
> >> Norbert
> >
> > Just for curiosity. If I have only budget card can I not 
> use sc with a
> > cardreader? Is the use of sc itself illegal?
> It would be illegal in the same manner like mp3 decoding 
> (irdeto algorithms
> are covered by patents) and you might violate the contract 
> with your provider
> (e.g. a big german ones allows certified receivers only). 
> Providing vdr +
> vdr-sc might cause problems with youth protection law also (a 
> big german
> provider sued people selling modified DBoxes on ebay because 
> the parental PIN
> was not asked anymore).
> But this is civil law only; when using vdr-sc with a valid 
> subscription
> you will not violate DMCA like criminal law because you are 
> not breaking
> any encryption.  Using libdvdcss to view your paid DVDs is much more
> illegal than using vdr-sc...

This slipped my eyes before my earlier post :)

Anyway it seems that my thoughts was at least on the right track. If so can
this subject then be discussed in this forum without the fear of any leagal

I originally asked this question because I have been planning of accuiring a
smartcard reader (RS232) because it is much cheaper than CAM. But it has
been a big question mark to me if it would even be possible to do so
(leagally and sw point of view). And every time someone has brought this up
the discussions have been silenced by argumenting that the whole thing is

And from the side of this in Finnland a new law has been approved which
makes it illegal to copy CD's to MP3 and thus making it illegal to copy
musik to an mp3 player even if I would have bought the CD myself. :(

- Kartsa

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