[vdr] link quality plugin

jori.hamalainen at teliasonera.com jori.hamalainen at teliasonera.com
Fri Oct 28 09:21:29 CEST 2005

> > hi is there any link/signal quality plugin for vdr?i've googled a lot
> > and didn't found it.
> yes, femon - http://www.saunalahti.fi/~rahrenbe/vdr/femon/

Next time try VDR WIKI, it also lists plugins. Much easier.

Main WIKI pages:
English: http://www.linuxtv.org/vdrwiki/index.php/Main_Page
German: http://www.vdr-wiki.de/wiki/index.php/Hauptseite

English / plugins: http://www.linuxtv.org/vdrwiki/index.php/Plugins
"femon 	 Shows the DVB signal quality 	 Rolf Ahrenberg"

Much faster than searching with google..

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