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Lars Bläser lars.blaeser at lycosxxl.de
Fri Oct 28 16:03:07 CEST 2005

Kartsa wrote:
>> The point is that crypting algorithms are patented and/or licensed and
>> only approved devices, CAMs, should be used to decrypt the stuff.
>> Using SC is breaking the patent/license.
> This finally answers my original question :) Thanks.

no, imho thats not the big problem here

> Now this topic is clear to me also and therefore there is no need to discuss
> about this anymore.

i´m not sure about this if i were you

i´ll give you a example for german law (as i know and understand it)

by using a sc and telling on that list, it can happen that a public
prosecutor visits you at home because you committed a "crime" that is
prosecuted by law, the public prosecutor has to act as he gets knowledge
about it
in our case you violated the law about overcoming a protection
mechanism, because the provider only allows the usage with the original
box, witch is (for some transmissions) outputting the video signal with
macrovision protection
beside this the the tellings about how to do is will also be punishable,
so the ML "owner" could also be prosecuted for helping to overcome a
protection mechanism
imho these laws base on European law, so all EU states will have them
now or shortly

and if that is not enough the provider company is bound to prosecute
people for modified boxes and sc because they need a working underage
protection system in germany to broadcast stuff with age classification
in day hours and beside this they even will have contracts with
hollywood for protecting there more recent material (pay per view
movies) for not getting in trouble with dvd rental or buying market - in
both cases the provider has to act just to stay alive and broadcasting
that is not really there interest they have to spend money without
improving there core business, they are really interested to do
something against people using there services without paying for it

sorry about that but i just wanted to point out why german ml and bb
hosters could be a litte "picky" about this special subject

PS: there will be no improvment as long as all ignoring the new laws and
hope the best - sometimes it needs more the just stare at it and shake
your head

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