[vdr] runvdr - better control ?

Wolfgang Goeller wgoeller at heraklit.ch
Sun Oct 30 21:56:50 CET 2005

Hello Klaus

watchdog timer is not active. I'll give it a try, might be
I'll get some results.
It seems to be related to the klogd. If the network is restarted
vdr is semi-dead. (The remote logins are disconnected)
My sytem is vanilla SuSE 9.0 no patches to the kernel no kernel-


>> Sometimes a recording is not done although vdr is running.
>> Since vdr was running - according to ps runvdr did not restart vdr.
>> I dont't know what's the reason, might be, my vdr sometimes
>> get tired :-) In /var/log/messages I find no explanation.
>> But I think I've got a reasonable and simple solution:
>> When vdr behaves like this (halfdead) I can't connect to
>> the svdrhost. My proposal thus for testing if vdr is really
>> alive:
>> a=`svdrpsend.pl -p 2001 "quit" | grep SVDRP`
>> if [ -z $a ]
>> then
>> fi
> Do you have the watchdog timer active (option -w)?
> If so, it might be interesting to find out why
> it doesn't kick in.
> Klaus
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