[vdr] mp3 plugin : image corruption]

Reinhard Nissl rnissl at gmx.de
Sun Oct 30 22:31:55 CET 2005


Simon Baxter wrote:

>>Below you'll find output of VDR on console. Do you also see the 
>>StillPicture line?
>>mp3: heartbeat buffer=0 now=1540
>>mp3: heartbeat buffer=572 now=1541
>>mad: lost sync 43474154 6e697972 TAGCryin
>>mad: skipping over ID3 tag
>>mp3: eof or error
>>mp3: stopping play
>>mp3: scale stats clipped=0 peak_clip=0.000000 peak=0.985417
>>norm: stats tot=23334912 lim=9761/0.042% clip=177/0.001% peak=1.253
>>mgr: next -> 1
>>mp3: playing next
>>mp3: starting play
>>mgr: playing a-ha - Minor Earth Major Sky.mp3
>>mp3: found song level=0.332000 peak=1.106800
>>norm: gain=0.753012 dogain=1 dolimit=0 (target=0.250000 level=0.332000 
>>mp3: isStream=0 levelgood=1 haslevel=1
>>image: checking image for a-ha - Minor Earth Major Sky.mp3
>>image: check /data/mp3/a-ha - Minor Earth Major Sky.jpg
>>image: found
>>image: loading image /data/mp3/a-ha - Minor Earth Major Sky.jpg
>>image: cached
>>StillPicture: 0x86444d8, 16081
>>mp3-ctrl: mode change detected
>>mp3: heartbeat buffer=0 now=1543
>>mp3: write delayed 2540 ms
>>mp3: heartbeat buffer=572 now=1544
>>mp3: heartbeat buffer=2048 now=154
> You might be on to something there.  Below is two instances of loading
> an image - one cached, the other not.  Both end up with MAD losing
> sync..
> mp3: play
> mp3: player active true done
> mp3-dvb: using DVB output
> mp3: heartbeat buffer=0 now=2730
> mp3: starting play
> mgr: bgr-scan -> throttle (64657)
> mgr: playing 03 - Daughter.mp3
> mgr: background scan throttled
> mp3: isStream=0 levelgood=1 haslevel=0
> mp3: heartbeat buffer=0 now=2731
> image: checking image for pearljam/03 - Daughter.mp3
> image: check /mnt/music/pearljam/03 - Daughter.jpg
> image: check /mnt/music/pearljam/03 - Daughter.png
> image: check /mnt/music/pearljam/03 - Daughter.gif
> image: check /mnt/music/pearljam/cover.jpg
> image: found
> image: loading image /mnt/music/pearljam/cover.jpg
> image: cached

vvvvv looks different to mine vvvvv

> mad: lost sync 03334449 00000000 ID3
> mad: skipping over ID3 tag

^^^^^ looks different to mine ^^^^^

> mp3-ctrl: mode change detected
> image: check /mnt/music/Oasis/Definitely Maybe/09 - Digsy's Dinner.png
> image: check /mnt/music/Oasis/Definitely Maybe/09 - Digsy's Dinner.gif
> image: check /mnt/music/Oasis/Definitely Maybe/cover.jpg
> image: found
> image: loading image /mnt/music/Oasis/Definitely Maybe/cover.jpg
> image: not cached
> image: convert queued
> image: using static default image
> image: convert started /mnt/music/Oasis/Definitely Maybe/cover.jpg -
> Maybe/cover.jpg.mpg
> mad: lost sync 03334449 00000000 ID3
> mad: skipping over ID3 tag
> mp3: new input sample rate 44100
> image: still queued
> image: still queued
> image: still queued
> mp3: heartbeat buffer=2048 now=2700
> image: convert finished
> image: loading image /mnt/music/Oasis/Definitely Maybe/cover.jpg
> image: cached

At this point, you've reached the state of the previous example.

> Neither have the 'StillImage' message.
> Any ideas???

Do you run vdr-xine with option -q (quiet)?

As there is only a single location where the mp3 plugin calls 
DeviceStillPicture(), you really should get this StillImage message. 
Maybe you should add a few debug messages to player-mp3.c.

What's your CPUs load when playing mp3 files, converting an image?

Does it take extraordinary long to load a converted image?

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mailto:rnissl at gmx.de

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