[vdr] vdr+xine -> freeze Console

Reinhard Nissl rnissl at gmx.de
Sun Oct 30 23:00:13 CET 2005


Sascha Volkenandt wrote:

>>Does this only happen while xine is replaying?
> Always and only when xine is actually replaying. Im my case xine was replaying 
> fullscreen to display :0.1 (TV-Out) and konsole locks up (e.g. Scroll Lock 
> gets activated) on display :0.0 :-)

I must admit, I've never run such a setup.

> However, if I switch applications (i.e. xterm running in parallel), scroll 
> lock isn't activated there. Only in konsole. Actually even only in one 
> konsole tab. The other tabs are still receiving input then.

What are you trying to do in this tab from which xine was started?

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