[vdr] EPG data...

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at cadsoft.de
Mon Oct 31 11:42:39 CET 2005

Richard Lithvall wrote:
> Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
>>> What sets the <event id> and <table id> and are those values calculable?
>> The <event id> is an arbitrary value. The only requirement is that it
>> is unique within the given service.
> Hmm, does this value count when deciding an event's uniqueness?

I'm afraid I don't know what you mean.
The event id has to be unique. Two events with the same event id
are the _same_ event, no matter what the rest of their data is.

>> The <table id> is simply the id of the table in which the event was
>> found. Tables 0x4e and 0x4F are for present/following events, and
>> 0x50..0x6F are for events in the future (the higher the table id, the
>> further in th future).
>>> If these values are not calculable I'd like to know if there is an 
>>> counter part to <table id>=0, that is - always overwrite this event 
>>> if conflicting data comes from the DVB stream (conflicting as in 
>>> overlapping start time and duration).
>> If you send your "known to be good" data with table id 0x00, it should
>> overwrite any existing events, provided either the event id is the same,
>> or they start at the same time.
> OK, so if I send my "not known to be good" data with table id 0x50 and 
> higher (or even 0x6F just to be sure), it would be overwritten by the 
> providers EPG-data when they send their (conflicting) present/following 
> events (0x4E/0x4F)?

Events from the data stream with table ids that are less than an
existing event with the same event id or start time will overwrite
the existing data.


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