[vdr] CAM-Start: Delay?

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at cadsoft.de
Mon Oct 31 11:46:57 CET 2005

Wolfgang Goeller wrote:
> Hello Klaus
> After lots of recordings I can say: In the first Minute of the
> recording (happens only with Swiss encrypted channels ((Viacess)) )
> I get even now some cVideoRepacker errors on one of my machines
> On the other no error since I encreased the TRANSFERBUFSIZE.
> My feeling: It is sort of curing symptoms but better than nothing.
> With plain vanilla vdr 1.3.34 I get this errors and thus lots
> of audio-drop-outs. I don't get it from the encrypted Austrian
> channels. So it might depend on the way this module is handled.
> Sorry - but I can't tell you more.
> regards
> Wolfgang

@Reinhard Nissl: do you have any idea why an increased TRANSFERBUFSIZE
would reduce error messages from cVideoRepacker?


>>> After your replay I gave 1.3.34 another try - but I did increase
>>> in transfer.c the TRANSFERBUFSIZE to 4 MB.
>>> That solved both problems. No more cVideoRepacker - Errors
>>> and the benefit of better initializing the CAM.
>>> Might be others who have the cVideoRepacker - error might
>>> give this modification a try to see whether it's just luck
>>> or really helps
>> Have you made both changes at the same time?
>> What about "plain vanilla" VDR 1.3.34 (w/o the change to
>> I just want to know whether this latter change is really
>> necessary.
>> Klaus

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