[vdr] Radio Horeb: VDR changes transponder on its own

Sascha Volkenandt lists at magoa.net
Sun Oct 30 14:17:44 CET 2005


today I noticed a quite strange behaviour when I wanted to program Radio Horeb 
into my channels.

I took an arbitrary channel entry and started editing it:
Freq. 10832
Pol. H
Srate 22000
FEC 5/6
Sid 61960
APid 64

Then I saved and tuned to it. I heard the sound of Radio Horeb... for two 
seconds. That's what happened:

Oct 30 13:59:08 lascala user.debug vdr[1500]: changing transponder data of 
channel 1563 from S19.2E:10832:h:22000:5 to S19.2E:11739:v:27500:3

Well everything I edited was set back to the original values (the arbitrary 
entries I tried were NICKELODEON FRANCE and CANAL ALGERIE) except for APid 
and Sid. And this is reproducible. Any idea on how to debug this?

VDR is 1.3.33 but I couldn't find related entries in the 1.3.34 ChageLog.


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