[vdr] burn-0.0.6f plugin problem.

Peace Monk peace.monk at gmail.com
Thu Sep 1 02:17:36 CEST 2005


I am using the burn plugin version 0.0.6f. It creates good mpeg, and iso 
files, however, then I play the dvd in any player, the menu displays only 
for a split second and disappears. It then shows a black screen. When I 
press remote buttons, I can view title description again, just for a split 

Any ideas what is happening? Any more information I can provide to help 
isolate the problem? I use vdr 1.3.30. dvdauthor version is 0.6.10., 
growisofs version is 5.21.

Also, another problem, which is minor is when I add multiple vdr files to 
burn, the burn plugin does not show the total size for dvd compiling.

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