[vdr] Problem with signal strenght and audio with Nexus-CA

Venho Jani jani.venho at waveq.fi
Fri Sep 2 15:46:07 CEST 2005


I am newbie with vdr and got couple of problems when trying it out:

System is:
Kernel 2.6.13
VDR 1.3.31 (tried also 1.3.27 and .30)
Firmware 261f
And DVB card is Hauppauge Nexus-CA
Location Espoo, Finland (HTV Network)

1) picture is cutting out from time to time. I installed femon plugin
and it shows signal strength 0% (between 006e-0070). SNR is between
10-12% This explains bad picture. Booted to Windows on same computer and
it shows 67% STR and 100% quality and no picture problems.

2) Audio problem. Can't get any sound out from DVB card, neither from
SPIF or audio out. If I record program with VDR recording has audio in

So main question is has anyone got VDR working with this DVB card?


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