[vdr] multiple soundtracks

Tomas Prybil vdrmail at prybil.se
Sun Sep 4 14:20:20 CEST 2005

Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
> Tomas Prybil wrote:
>> Klaus Schmidinger skrev:
>>> Tomas Prybil wrote:
>>>> Klaus Schmidinger skrev:
>>>>> Tomas Prybil wrote:
>>>>>> Hi list.
>>>>>> Since Klaus added the multiple sound stream feature i've not been 
>>>>>> able to use that for channels at Thor, mostly Canal+ distributed 
>>>>>> stuff.
>>>>>> I have an example,
>>>>>> Disney now have a new channel called Toon Disney. The channel 
>>>>>> autoadded  itself to channels.conf and shows the following details:
>>>>>>> Toon 
>>>>>>> Disney;Telenor:11357:hC78:S1.0W:24500:521+8190:678=dan,679=fin,677=nor,676=sve:582:B00:3207:70:32:0 
>>>>>> If I bring up tha audio menu it shows all four languages dan, fin, 
>>>>>> nor and sve. However if I choose either nor or sve the sound 
>>>>>> output becomes all silent. Could one kind soul please give me a 
>>>>>> hint how to start debug?
>>>>> Could it be that your CAM can't decrypt more than one audio track?
>>>>> You could try to delete "678=dan,679=fin," from that line (disable 
>>>>> automatic
>>>>> PID update) and then switch to nor or sve.
>>>>> Does it work with other channels that have more than one audio track?
>>>> Reducing to one audio track made it work. However the "autopid" will 
>>>> kill that again. Perhaps the possibility to lock a specific channel 
>>>> something for future versions?
>>> This "locking" thing is not the right way to go.
>>> It's probably better to modify the CAM handling, so that it only sets
>>> one audio PID for broken CAMs that are unable to decrypt several audio
>>> PIDs simultaneously.
>>> Is there perhaps a newer firmware available for your CAM?
>>> I have three different CAMs here, and they all can decrypt several
>>> audio PIDs (plus Dolby Digital) at the same time.
>> My CAM is an Conax ver 4.00e which I believe is the latest version. It 
>> decrypts multiple (two!) streams. The channel has four different which 
>> it obviously doesn't handle.
> Well, then I guess the only way to fix this is to set the audio PIDs
> in the sequence as they are defined in the "Audio languages" setup.
> This would put the preferred languages to the front, so that a CAM
> that can't decrypt them all will at least decrypt (one of) the
> preferred ones.
Does this really make a difference? I put swedish as only language but 
the pid still came in as no 3 in the APID list.

> However, this is not that trivial, because the audio PIDs have to be
> correlated with the component descriptors in the EPG data, which is
> given only by their sequence.
> I'll need to think about this a little more...


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