[vdr] Re: SourceCaps patch for VDR 1.3.31.

Iwan Davies iwan.davies at translutions.co.uk
Sun Sep 4 16:07:31 CEST 2005

On Sun, 04 Sep 2005 13:08:41 +0200, Carsten Koch wrote:

> The attached patch allows a VDR system with multiple
> cards to attach each card to an individual dish
> pointing at a different satellite.
> I have 3 DVB cards in my VDR system:
> 1) FF card connected to one output of LNB at a dish
>     pointed at Astra 19.2E.
> 2) budget card connected to another output of LNB at a dish
>     pointed at Astra 19.2E.
> 3) budget card connected to output of LNB at a dish
>     pointed at Eutelsat 13.0E.
> I am using the following entries for that in my setup.conf:
> SourceCaps = 1 S19.2E
> SourceCaps = 2 S19.2E
> SourceCaps = 3 S13.0E

Can this be used with Diseqc? I have three DVB cards, distrbuted as follows

1) FF card connected to a Diseqc switch switching between S19.2E and S13.0E
2) budget card connected to LNB pointed at S28.2E/S28.5E
3) budget DVB-T card 

So would this config work:

SourceCaps = 1 S19.2E S13.0E
SourceCaps = 2 S28.2E S28.5E
SourceCaps = 3 T

Aside from the SourceCaps approach, wouldn't a more logical system for VDR 
be to modify the sources.conf so that you had to indicate which card(s) 
was/were used for each source, e.g.
S13.0E	1
S19.2E	1
S28.2E	2
S28.5E	2
T	3

or in Carsten's case

S13.0	3
S19.2	1,2

That would then allow the CA field in channels.conf to be used correctly, 
since the assignment between the source and the cards available for that 
source would be defined in sources.conf. It would also mean that changing 
the allocation of channels to particular cards (e.g. after adding new cards 
that then changes the order in which cards are detected) would be a lot 
simpler than at present (where you have to edit every single channel in 


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