[vdr] rotor plugin east-west drive halt

Thomas Bergwinkl bergwinkl.thomas at vr-web.de
Mon Sep 5 17:11:56 CEST 2005

Suur Karu wrote:

> I have question about rotor "drive" command.
> It seems like "halt" command (OK button?) not working on my system
> (VDR-1.3.30, Skystar2, xine and rotor-0.1.1 plugins, SuperJack DG-120
> motor) and motor continue driving to the end. Same problem
> occurs with
> older rotor plugin (0.1.0) too.
> Or may be something wrong in my understanding?
It should work the way you described it. It is working for me, when the
cursor is on halt and I press OK my motor stops.
Does the ok button work on other items like 'Scan Transponder' in the
plugin menu?

> And one suggestion too. Is it possible to implement command
> "goto 0" or
> "reset" to plugin menu? Sometimes motor lost itself and only
> goto null
> position helps.

You can type in position 0 (just press 0 when you are at the line with
Position: xx) and than press the green button (Goto).


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