[vdr] [OT] vdr and HDTV what's working (and not)?

Tomas Prybil vdrmail at prybil.se
Mon Sep 5 21:37:13 CEST 2005

Hi all!

We have now a working HDTV feed here no by the polar bears ;)
Canal+ have a channel named "Canal+ More HD" that sends a couple of 
films every night.

I've seen some threads in the past trying to get a working setup. Maybe 
you all have working solutions, but I'm still trying to get something 

Right now the status for me is as follows.
Kernel 2.6.12 with matrox G450 and fb device
budget card with CI
Which gives me a working recording setup.

I haven't yet been able to setup a working frontend for viewing (HD). 
With fbxine/vidix and the xine-plugin i can watch normal feed perfectly 
well but as soon as i switch to the HD feed the box goes boom. Not even 
a smallest kernel panic or trace. The machine just looks up completely. 
It's reproduceable with cmdline fbxine (fbxine 0.99.3) and a vdr file.

Viewing the vdr files with mplayer/vidix works OK but takes all CPU 
cyles of a 3Ghz PIV. Would directfb make that any better?


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