[vdr] Re: SourceCaps patch for VDR 1.3.31.

Carsten Koch Carsten.Koch at icem.com
Wed Sep 7 09:11:13 CEST 2005

Iwan Davies wrote:
> So would this config work:
> SourceCaps = 1 S19.2E S13.0E
> SourceCaps = 2 S28.2E S28.5E
> SourceCaps = 3 T

I guess it should. Just give it a try and report back what happened.
I am not the author of the patch, though.
I have just made a few changes that Klaus requested and
I ported the patch to the latest vdr.

> Aside from the SourceCaps approach, wouldn't a more logical system for VDR 
> be to modify the sources.conf so that you had to indicate which card(s) 
> was/were used for each source, e.g.
> ...
> S10.0E
> S13.0E	1
> S19.2E	1
> S28.2E	2
> S28.5E	2
> T	3
> or in Carsten's case
> S13.0	3
> S19.2	1,2
> That would then allow the CA field in channels.conf to be used correctly, 
> since the assignment between the source and the cards available for that 
> source would be defined in sources.conf. It would also mean that changing 
> the allocation of channels to particular cards (e.g. after adding new cards 
> that then changes the order in which cards are detected) would be a lot 
> simpler than at present (where you have to edit every single channel in 
> channels.conf).

I had to make *no* changes in channels.conf to use the SourceCaps feature.
The CA field could remain as it is.


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