[vdr] VDR+DXR3 and MP3 -plugin problem

Tommi Lundell prelude at kapsi.fi
Wed Sep 7 22:46:39 CEST 2005

Hello all :-)

I haven't find MP3-plugins mailing list so i need to ask questions here.

That system plays music and net radios fine but problem is in osd and 
response times whit remote control.
When i start to play some mp3 file sound start to coming almost 
instantly. But when i want to see artist and filename i press 1 from 
remote and after 5-30 (variable) i see that information on OSD. Second 
OSD refresh happening after about 30s. After that OSD disappears and i 
hear some cap (below 0.5s) in music.

It's probably a same problem but still. In MP3 playback mode any remote 
keys processing takes 5-30sec.

I add DBG=1 variable to MP3 plugins makefile but it's not tell anything new.
Ouh yeah. And beginning (music on but nothing on OSD) when i press that 
1 key i got message (below 1 sec lag) to syslog:
Sep  7 23:35:13 localhost vdr[21270]: dxr3: cSPUEncoder::Flush: OSD data 
size: 4676

Aim not a capable to coding but i can to debug it if someone say what to 
do :-)

Regards: Tommi

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