[vdr] VDR+DXR3 and MP3 -plugin problem

Ville Skyttä vskytta at gmail.com
Thu Sep 8 08:42:34 CEST 2005

On Wed, 2005-09-07 at 23:46 +0300, Tommi Lundell wrote:

> When i start to play some mp3 file sound start to coming almost 
> instantly. But when i want to see artist and filename i press 1 from 
> remote and after 5-30 (variable) i see that information on OSD. Second 
> OSD refresh happening after about 30s. After that OSD disappears and i 
> hear some cap (below 0.5s) in music.
> It's probably a same problem but still. In MP3 playback mode any remote 
> keys processing takes 5-30sec.

I've heard similar reports earlier from other dxr3 users, but cannot
reproduce it myself.  Hm, well, other than that the mp3 plugin is IIRC
not NPTL ready, so you may want to disable NPTL before running vdr if
you have it on and can do it.  (eg. LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.4.1)

OTOH there's something in the way the mp3 plugin uses OSD that makes it
cause the "berserk/flickering rectangles" effect with the dxr3 plugin
much more frequently than any other plugin out there, even if the mp3
plugin's OSD looks relatively simple and shouldn't as such need to be
pushing the limits of the dxr3 OSD.

> Ouh yeah. And beginning (music on but nothing on OSD) when i press that 
> 1 key i got message (below 1 sec lag) to syslog:
> Sep  7 23:35:13 localhost vdr[21270]: dxr3: cSPUEncoder::Flush: OSD data 
> size: 4676

That's normal debug info from the dxr3 plugin, and probably unrelated.

BTW, now that the muggle plugin (0.1.8) has SQLite support, setting it
up is much easier than before (and compared to the mp3 plugin, it also
supports flac).  It has its own glitches, but so far has worked better
for me than the mp3 plugin in a dxr3 setup.

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