[vdr] Re: Re: SourceCaps patch for VDR 1.3.31.

Iwan Davies iwan.davies at translutions.co.uk
Thu Sep 8 21:09:26 CEST 2005

On Thu, 8 Sep 2005 19:40:05 +0200, Christian Schuld wrote:

> Hi,
> On Wednesday 07 September 2005 09:11, Carsten Koch wrote:
>> Iwan Davies wrote:
>>> SourceCaps = 1 S19.2E S13.0E
>>> SourceCaps = 2 S28.2E S28.5E
> This would be enough. SourceCaps are only valid for DVB-S at this time.
>>> S13.0	3
>>> S19.2	1,2
> This would have the same effect but just uses another syntax ;-)
> Lets Klaus decide how to implement this permanently.
>> I had to make *no* changes in channels.conf to use the SourceCaps feature.
>> The CA field could remain as it is.
> Exactly, I implemented the SourceCaps functionality at avoid any fiddeling 
> with a CA field.
>> Carsten.
> btw: Carsten, thanks for maintenance :-) I do not have much time for this at 
> the moment.
Ah, ok - now I understand the idea of SourceCaps better - of course, my 
solution really amounts to the same as yours. I'd still vote for coupling 
the sources to resources in sources.conf rather than setup.conf though; it 
just seems more appropriate to me.

My thanks to Carsten and Christian for their efforts. Unfortunately having 
fairly limited experience in Linux I have to rely on others to do the 
complicated bits for me (viz. lirc, etc.), so I'm currently using the 
debian packages from e-tobi.net, in which the SourceCaps patch is not 
currently included. That's why I had to change the CA field when I added my 
DVB-T card.

I'll have to try to start configuring and compiling my own systems, but at 
the moment, my 3-year old and 1-year old seem more interested in grabbing 
the keyboard off me, and those Balamory recordings need to be accessible at 
all times, just in case.


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