[vdr] Diskless VDR client ?

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Sat Sep 10 19:34:10 CEST 2005

Anne et Jean-Marc Baty <jmbaty at free.fr> writes:

Bonsoir anne et Jean-Marc,

> I want to make a diskless vdr client box...
> I've got a VDR server whith streamdev-server, a full features DVB-S and 
>   a budget DVB-S cards.
> For the client side box i've got a PIII 866 Mghz whith a Matrox MGA 400 
> DH (so i need softdevice too)
> I want to know if it possible to get timeshifting, timers, and viewing 
> recording from my VDR-server whith this configuration ???

that's the kind of configuration i'm using at home. A server
running vdr in a kitchen cupboard and a diskless box in the living
While I'm still using vdr-streamdev for occasionnal http streamings I
choosed the networked vdr-xine solution. That solution is easier to
set up and more robust. 
Vdr runs on the server, timers/recordings/timeshifting happen on
it. And the box in the living room just acts as a remote display.
In fact i'm using freevo but you could just run xine on your diskless
box and control vdr thru it.

You'll find more informations about the great vdr-xine here:

and informations about the nice network hack here:

Considering the capabilities of your PIII 866Mhz+MGA400 to play mpeg2,
I can't really tell for sure but i think it will be ok.
(last time i was surprised to see my p3 600+gforce mx200 was able to
play mpeg2)

Bonne chance !


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