[vdr] DeleteResume patch for vdr 1.3.32.

Carsten Koch Carsten.Koch at icem.com
Sun Sep 11 21:30:19 CEST 2005

Helmut Auer wrote:
> You have 9 disks in the living room ?

This is getting a bit off-topic, but to answer your question:
The main VDR system in the living room has 4 disks, just to make
good use of the IDE controller on the main board.
I am using SAMSUNG SP1604N, which are very quiet.
Actually, the DLP beamer makes a lot more noise.  ;-)
I am thinking of putting a diskless system into the living room.
This may have to wait until I figure out how to squeeze 14
disks into my server (it currently has 10).

> You are right with noise and heat, but the disks will live longer when 
> you disable spindown.

That obviously depends on how often you spin them up and down.
I would assume that a disk which is on for 2 hours a day
and off for 22 (so it spins up/down once per day)
lives *a lot* longer than a disk that is on for 24 hours a day.
What do you think?


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