[vdr] [OT??] powerup with nvram, etherwake & Fritz!Box (Was: DeleteResume patch for vdr 1.3.32.)

Lucian Muresan lucianm at users.sourceforge.net
Mon Sep 12 11:49:46 CEST 2005

Emil Naepflein wrote:
> I disabled spin up/down and stop the complete server. On average I have
> approximately 2-5 complete power cycles a day, depending on the
> distribution of recordings. The power down is handled by NVRAM and power
> up is done by NVRAM, etherwake or by a telefon call to my fritz box. ;-)

I don't know, maybe this is OT, maybe others are interested too, or
maybe this deserves a completely new thread, but to me it sounds very
interesting. For those who don't know yet, the Fritz!Box is a router
family made by AVM, very popular in Germany.
Are there any pointers on how to handle powerup by etherwake and /or the
Fritz!Box? NVRAM is set up on my VDR box and works well, I also have a
Fritz!Box with slightly modified firmware (I occasionaly read the
http://www.ip-phone-forum.de), and it would be cool if I could also
wakeup my server and my vdr box remotely via the Fritz!Box, I only
didn't find a clear howto for this on that forum, is there any?

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