[vdr] xxv and autotimers

Andreas Brachold ml05 at deltab.de
Mon Sep 12 12:05:03 CEST 2005


Anders Sandell wrote:
> I have been using AutoTimers and a couple of things are bothering me.
> My EPG data has full information about the nearest 2-4 hours and
> partial information (only time and title) about the coming 4-6 days.
> If I create an AutoTimer that finds a program shown 2 days from now
> the description of that program usually is #~AT[1]. When the recording
> is done all EPG data is available but vdr still records it with
> description #~AT[1].

I get your point. I will provide a solution via our svn server, this or
next day.

#~AT[1] is used as marker / anchor to reidentify a timer by xxv.


I would wish myself in addition a feature on the part of the VDR, which
external programs can provide on vdr timers with additional data fields.
That to however only go if the timer format like e.g. the EPG format is
developed and the VDR here external data permits. 
The vdradmin solution to stores the EventID as bitfield on TIMERID is
similarly dirty.

like this idea for a new timer dataformat
E start point
T title~subtitle
D description
U <- this field could used by vdradmin or xxv with owner data ->


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