[vdr] vdr-xine: Client connect failed! -- ::write(8) returned -1, error 32: Broken pipe

Denis Knauf deac at netcologne.de
Tue Sep 13 01:08:21 CEST 2005

hello vdr-ng and -ml,

        the short description i've done:
i've installed first xine-lib via a gentoo ebuild, than xine-ui via a
ebuild, too and last vdr with some plugins, also the xine-plugin, by hand.

        compiling and installing xine-lib and xine-ui:
the ebuilds used the xine-patches v0.7.6 and uses the path /var/vdr/xine for
the sockets. here the ebuilds, if you want to see:
this are merges from the original ebuilds an the older newest from

        compiling vdr:
i don't used the original vdr-1.3.32-tarball. instead a patched-version:
a link xine to xine-0.7.6 exists. the Make.conf i created with some changes.
the xine-Makefile a changed, too, because the path /var/vdr/xine.
it compiled fine, without errors.

        installing vdr:
with "make install" i installed everything. it copys the plugins
to /usr/lib/vdr, the configs to /etc/vdr and vdr to /usr/bin. sure!

        starting vdr:
,----[ vdr started ]
| % LANG=C vdr --config=/etc/vdr --lib=/usr/lib/vdr \
|   --plugin="xine -r" --plugin=yaepg
| SetVideoFormat: 0
| SetAudioChannelDevice: 0
| SetVolumeDevice: 255
| SetPlayMode: 1
| [vVMSetDigitalAudioDevice: 0
| SetAudioChannelDevice: 0
| aA+14+17+50+50+50+50]
everything ok. channels ready. plugins loaded, xine, too, with following
error: "ERROR: remote control XineRemote not ready!" i read, that this is
normal and no problem. and "ERROR: 9736 ring buffer overflows (1830368
bytes dropped)", which i think isn't important, because it's only a
ringbuffer in vdr.
the streams in /var/vdr/xine exists.

        starting xine:
% xine -V xv -A alsa vdr:/var/vdr/xine/stream\#demux:mpeg_pes
xine starts and than i get an error:
,----[ xine engine error ]
| There is no input plugin avaible to handle
| 'vdr:/var/vdr/xine/stream#demux:mpeg_pes'.
| Maybe MRL syntax is wrong or file/stream source doesn't exist.
if i press on "More" i get some messages, one is the following:
,----[ messages ]
| xine: found demuxer plugin: Elementary MPEG stream demux plugin
| xine: found input plugin: file input plugin
| xine: found demuxer plugin: mpeg pes demux plugin
| xine: found input plugin: VDR display device plugin
| video_out: throwing away image with pts 63477 because it's too old (diff:
| 20022)
| [ ... last lines more than one ... ]
are the last lines with video_out the problem? i think not, it's video_out,
not video_in.
,----[ vdr-output ]
| [...]
| vdr-xine: Client connecting ...
| ::write(8) returned -1, error 32: Broken pipe 
| vdr-xine: Client disconnected!
| vdr-xine: Client connect failed!  

        last words:
i don't know, what can i do. this is the twice, that i try to install vdr
and xine. the last time, i get to run it. now not. the problem, that
portage overwrite my xine-packages, i tried to resolve, that i use (own)
on gmane.org i searched for the same errors, but i found nothing. google
knows this errors, but the most have the problem, that they forgotten
--enable-vdr-keys, but i haven't forgotten it.

i hope somebody can help me, thanks.

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