[vdr] vdradmin yellow timers

Emil Naepflein Emil.Naepflein at philosys.de
Tue Sep 13 13:19:27 CEST 2005

On Tue, 13 Sep 2005 12:09:42 +0200, Leo Márquez wrote:

> I'm using vdradmin to set timers. I have one ff dvb-s and one budget 
> dvb-t card.
> When I set two timers on same time but different cards the timers turn 
> yellow and show the 'no more timers on other transponders possible'.
> If I set two timers for example in the dvb-t card in the same time and 
> transponder they are green.
> My question is if the yellow color of vdradmin timers means that are 
> incorrect and vdr will only active one of they or is a warning but the 
> two timers will be activated.

You should set the number of DVB cards to 2 in the configuration menue
of vdradmin. This is because you want to do recordings on the primary

The yellow indicator means that all resources are used now. Further
recordings are only possible on the same transponders of any of the
already programmed recordings. If there is a real conflict then vdradmin
will show red color.


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