[vdr] Re: xxv and autotimers

Carsten Koch Carsten.Koch at icem.com
Tue Sep 13 19:01:02 CEST 2005

Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
> The 'summary' field in timers.conf, if present, is used as the
> 'description' text in info.vdr when a recording is made (and overwrites
> whatever came from the related EPG data).

I wonder if it would be an improvement of that strategy
if VDR only took the summary from the timer entry if it
is not much shorter than the summary from the related EPG data.

> Personally I don't use that field in any way, so if we could agree on some
> delimiting character that separates 'description' from 'comment', as in
>   ...:Description of what happens#some arbitrary comment
> where '#' would be that new delimiter. Everything before the delimiter
> would go into the 'description', and everything after it would simply
> be stored and otherwise ignored by VDR.

I would not like such a change unless you choose a character that
is guranteed not to occur in a tvtv.de summary. ;-)

If you do make that change, please remind me to release a new version
of epg2timers that converts this character (if found in the tvtv.de
summary) into something else.


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