[vdr] Re: xxv and autotimers

xpix xpix at xpix.de
Tue Sep 13 21:09:32 CEST 2005

Hello Klaus,

Klaus Schmidinger schrieb:
> The 'summary' field in timers.conf, if present, is used as the
> 'description' text in info.vdr when a recording is made (and overwrites
> whatever came from the related EPG data).
> Personally I don't use that field in any way, so if we could agree on some
> delimiting character that separates 'description' from 'comment', as in
>   ...:Description of what happens#some arbitrary comment
> where '#' would be that new delimiter. Everything before the delimiter
> would go into the 'description', and everything after it would simply
> be stored and otherwise ignored by VDR.
> If we do this I would also like to make the use of the high 16 bit of the
> 'status' field obsolete, since this information can and should then be 
> stored
> in the 'comment'.

Yes sounds very good, make ist so! ;)

Frank Herrmann

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