[vdr] modified EPG data. was Re: xxv and autotimers

Simon Truss ml_simon_vdr at bigblue.demon.co.uk
Tue Sep 13 22:06:04 CEST 2005


I have my own reasons for this proposal, but it may be worth discussion
in light of the previous thread.

There seems to be a general need to merge/modify epg data both as part 
of the epg and once a program becomes a timer.

is it not worth storing this extended/modified epg data in a new field
in xml format. VDR could treat it as a single large string, and
external programs/plugins their own way. If there was a common agreement
on how to identify which format or even an agreed single format, many
programs could benefit. Many already offer web/web service interfaces
so already have some infrastucture to support this.

as long as changes to the records are atomic then merge, change, extend, 
comment all become supported, it may even be possible to allow multiple 
programs to re-use the string simulaneously if the right document
structure is chosen.

I realise this proposal increases the work required by plugins and
external programs, but I would hope there would be some long term 
benefits to tagging epg/timers with additional data.

Klaus I understand you have a reluctance to depend on external
libraries, hence the big string proposal. Instant forwards compatibility
without overcomplicating the core of vdr :-) Its got to be a good thing.

how about a stucture something like this?
	<APP1_DATA version="1.0">

My own requirement is to have a smart merge function. I currently have
a number of scripts that merge a web based program guide, vdr epg data
and imdb data into xml based records so I can index my recordings.
UK epg data does not include series/episode data, I prefer the web site
long descriptions and I want more data from imdb. Currently its not
worth me even trying to merge it in until after it has left vdr.


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