[vdr] [subtitles-plugin] Is it possible to change the PIDS in a recording on the fly?

Petri Helin petri.j.helin at welho.com
Wed Sep 14 14:40:41 CEST 2005


I have been trying to modify the subtitles plugin to cope with the 
dynamic subtitling currently in use in Finland. But with no luck so far. 
I can record the subtitles if the stream with the right PID is already 
present when the recording starts, but not if the recording starts too 
What I have done so far is to modify the subtitles plugin to scan the 
stream for any other subtitles PID than the ones in the configuration 
file and return to the recorder three all PIDs corresponding to 
subtitles.Language, subtitles.Language2 and the one found in the scan 
(if present, 0 otherwise) instead of only the first two as it is 
currently done. But the scan fails to find any other streams if they are 
not present when the scan is executed, which is the time when the 
recording starts.

I think that the only resolution would be to somehow add the new 
subtitle PID to the recording when it is noticed. This means that
1. The new PID should be noticed somehow, by the plugin or by VDR 
itself, that I don't know
2. The new PID should added to the recording, which I think means 
stopping and starting the recording again, right?

So if anyone has any suggestions I would like to hear about them. 
Especially about a way to notice changes in the subtitling PIDs.
In menu.c there is a function void 
cRecordControls::ChannelDataModified(cChannel *Channel). Could that be used?


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